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Welcome Pie Lovers

Nothing beats the aroma of fresh, handmade – just out the oven – pies…

We, at The Handmade Pie & Ale House have set out to create the most premium of pies and to serve the most traditional, tastiest and constantly changing ales.

Before we opened the doors of our beautifully renovated old pub / restaurant, you may well have seen the pies flying away from the ‘Pie Stop’ at Weymouth railway station forecourt. People just kept coming back for more and more…. Now, however, you can sit in beautiful surroundings and get served by our lovely pleasant staff. So you can eat drink and be merry!

The pies are lovingly made by us, by hand, in our open-plan pie kitchen, where you can also see them being made! With homemade pastry and homemade fillings, no two pies are ever the same. Every day we have different selections of our more than 32 different flavours (there’s even low calorie ‘smart pie’ options!) … so there’s always something for everyone!

And there isn’t just a huge choice of pies to choose from… If for any reason you don’t fancy one of our homemade pies, we also have a ‘non’ pie menu, which believe it or not is called the ‘we don’t just do pies’ menu! Why not try one of our meat & cheese sharing boards, our own crispy chicken wings, gooey brie wedges in Panko breadcrumbs or perhaps homemade beefy lasagne? The list just goes on and on…

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We are proud to sponsor our two main local charities;

Julia’s House – who care for children that have life threatening and life-limiting illnesses.

Weldmar Hospicecare Trust who support people with cancer and other life-limiting illnesses.

Julia's House Weldmar